Friday, 27 September 2013

At the Gates: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

I am so annoyed, I am yet again addicted to Frank! Like a bad habit you want to break I keep going back for more, and LOVING it!

The not-quite Hero with some serious flaws; boobs and being a trouble magnet being just two of them.

I was elated to see that Chatterbox also plays a staring role, he is like the Kevin Smith of the book world; silent but a deafening presence.

As Heaven battles it out and the Tree of Life threatens to undo Creation this ragbag team from DRAC try hard to find all the clues, fight off werebears (I kid you not!), whack-a-mole vamps and Angels that don't seem to know they are supposed to be the good guys, to save Humanity. Mr Marquitz manages to weave myth, religion and fantasy into an exquisite mix of horror, humour and mystery.

I know I shouldn't be but I am astounded that the author, self proclaimed metal-head, martial arts tough guy can write such intricate story lines, giving you all the clues but not quite letting you join the dots until the final few chapters and with such sensitivity. 

He also manages to give you some awesome giggle moments, fantastic fight scenes and some touching heart melt moments without making you feel icky, not that you don't get that sensation in other areas of the book!

I now find I am having to pace myself before rushing to buy and read his entire catalogue..... food,work, social life and housework can wait til next month

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