Saturday, 30 January 2016

God War Rising by Tim Maruitz

Kaede, the ex-pit fighter and Bess, the Witch, are a team, in the need for a mark; Sand aka SheepBoy just happens to be that lucky fellow, shame he was found hanging from the gallows.

However, with some sorcery and guile he is soon saved and offered a challenge, so the story begins.

There is a smirk, giggle or blood encrusted gore fest on nearly every page, but don’t the carnage or daftness fool you, TM is an exquisite master of words able to build a scene and tantalise you with a story line.

Once TM gets his wickedly clever claws in you, you’re hooked and dragged along for the ride.

I liked the way that TM didn’t go in for lengthy explanations of each creature, realm or peoples that he created and added slowly to the mix, he allowed their “attributes” to seep in slowly, building a world and mental image.

He was also pretty adept at managing to fit in all sorts of lyrics with some odd choices! But made me laugh.

I really enjoyed the journey, loved the climax and was thoroughly charmed by the ending, it actually had me snorting in giggles but it also left me desperate for a sequel.

I am infatuated with a strange zombie head called Chatterbox from TM’s Demon Squad series (you have to check this out!) but I think Gorf and Whineblade are now my triad of go to critters for a good giggle.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Jane the Hippie Vampire, Volume 1, 2 &3!! (and bonus)

This is a review for the four-part collection, with bonus content of Jane the Hippie Vampire series. I have put individual links below each review underneath just in case! 

But with such great books in one place at such great value - why bother, other than for the awesome covers!

Love Beads:
Jane is the strangest vampire I have come across in a long while.

One sunny afternoon she meets Randy and his weird dogs, strange job and horrific food sense.

LL treated me to a brilliant piece of mystery thriller writing with a super natural element, with just enough grossness to add a horror element.

She hints this will be a series and I do hope so.

Some fabulous in depth and textured descriptions allow you to become immersed in the story I was totally engrossed in this novella and was sad when it ended.

Jane is an intriguing character and I so wasn’t to know more about how she became what she is and what her forward plan is.

Jane is ironically a vegan vampire with a knack for getting into trouble.

Needing to head to warmer climes she heads South into Bible Belt country, the weather maybe warmer but the hospitality is not; at least for an outwardly appearing teenage vagrant.

When a purple dog runs past her during a routine police stop you are already drawn back into Jane’s strange world and you can feel the magic carpet ride coming.

Whilst she knows that she must feed and she often disgusts herself with the berserker like frenzy when this occurs she knows it was not her that started to rip the Officers to pieces in the woods, even though she does not turn down an easy meal.

LML has a wonderful skill of explaining the pain that Jane feels during these feeds giving you a sense of the gnawing hunger vs the need to preserve all life.

As she hides in the forest she is found by the local Ranger, Bobby, and he kindly takes her home for dinner, although he does have his own agenda and what is actually on the menu?
His family are a strange mix of rednecks and homely parents, then LML introduces  the local fruitloop who professes to be seeing lake monsters, werewolves and vampires and you know things are about to go squiffy for poor Jane!

When said fruitloop decides to rid the world of a “stinking leech” he sets in motion a terrible chain of events, killing sprees, hidden bodies and family secret revelations.

Whilst all this is going on LML manages to throw in some horrific flashbacks of Jane’s previous life and her “change”.

Overall another wonderful installment in the undead life of Jane. I am more intrigued by this vampire now; LML is expertly giving little hints of the true horror in Jane’s life whilst telling these little chapters in her life. 

My only complaint is having to wait for the next episode.

Dazed & Confused:
Jane a Hippie Vampire who has strong morals and beautiful ethics. However, but when the thirst takes over even she must resort to a little rampage and murder, although its all very polite and she does her best to only pick “bad” people.

Turned as a teenager, pretty Jane must contend with being hit on, cops and do-gooders trying to harass or save her.

On this little chapter of her life she comes across Officer Flores and a…… zombie?!  (had to love the nod at Bob The Zombie; a fab series of books by Jaime Johnesse).

Escorted by Officer Flores to the local one horse town to provide a witness statement Jane is soon embroiled in some strange goings on as people get munched on, power outages and nasty waitresses!

As bad goes to worse and the little town is over run what is really going? Best to read and find out, for giggles, gore and brilliant writing.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Shrouded World: Atlantis by Mark Tufo & John O'Brien

As Mike, Jack and Trip further their journey to Atlantis they try to figure out why they are there.

Mike with his usual humour and Trip just being Trip, I was unsure of Jacks character at first, being new to JO’B’s work but I am really starting to like him, he has none of the humour of Talbot but he is much more practical, which takes some getting used to, he also has a real sentimental side when thinking of family/friends which is endearing.

The difference in writing is a bit more obvious in this book as author MT goes for fast paced humour laden scenes and author JO’B tends to pull out his scenes with lengthy tension inducing scenes, both end in fight scenes usually.

The mental image of Talbot doing the River Dance had me giggling and snorting. As for Trip and his antics, they bring some much needed humour to a terrifying situation.

There is enough zombie, guns ‘n’ ammo, gore and weird goings on for all hard-core horror fans, plus a few brave sci-fi ones too.

The pace never lets up with the switcheroo telling of the same tale. A constant battle for life that never seems to let up, the threats from the zombies, night runners and whistlers are still there but a new happening is occurring and it’s a little worrying.

 And what is so special about Atlantis?

Lots of theories are thrown into the mix, I was a bit upset that just as the book gets somewhere it stops…. But book 3 is on its way!

Not sure about the cover picture as not sure I had the mental vision  of Trip being that “with it” looking, he looks too clean and intense for my liking but woo hoo at the sexy looking MT!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Harper's Darkness by Billie Sue Mosiman

Harper is a contract killer. He is teamed with a partner that has unusual tastes and killing methods.

Georgie is a little boy who lives downstairs, his parents are demons or aliens he is not quite sure.

Harper is trying to save for a new life, but also concerned about Georgie, when goes into his apartment to help him one evening all sorts of monsters are let loose.

BSM is magic with her writing skills, she manages to describe a scene and you are taken there, shrunken and absorbed into the book.

The bonus content is generous and I guarantee you will want to buy the book!! I loved it and am looking forward to the next instalment, Angelique is a true horror story.