Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Shrouded World: Atlantis by Mark Tufo & John O'Brien

As Mike, Jack and Trip further their journey to Atlantis they try to figure out why they are there.

Mike with his usual humour and Trip just being Trip, I was unsure of Jacks character at first, being new to JO’B’s work but I am really starting to like him, he has none of the humour of Talbot but he is much more practical, which takes some getting used to, he also has a real sentimental side when thinking of family/friends which is endearing.

The difference in writing is a bit more obvious in this book as author MT goes for fast paced humour laden scenes and author JO’B tends to pull out his scenes with lengthy tension inducing scenes, both end in fight scenes usually.

The mental image of Talbot doing the River Dance had me giggling and snorting. As for Trip and his antics, they bring some much needed humour to a terrifying situation.

There is enough zombie, guns ‘n’ ammo, gore and weird goings on for all hard-core horror fans, plus a few brave sci-fi ones too.

The pace never lets up with the switcheroo telling of the same tale. A constant battle for life that never seems to let up, the threats from the zombies, night runners and whistlers are still there but a new happening is occurring and it’s a little worrying.

 And what is so special about Atlantis?

Lots of theories are thrown into the mix, I was a bit upset that just as the book gets somewhere it stops…. But book 3 is on its way!

Not sure about the cover picture as not sure I had the mental vision  of Trip being that “with it” looking, he looks too clean and intense for my liking but woo hoo at the sexy looking MT!

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