Saturday, 30 January 2016

God War Rising by Tim Maruitz

Kaede, the ex-pit fighter and Bess, the Witch, are a team, in the need for a mark; Sand aka SheepBoy just happens to be that lucky fellow, shame he was found hanging from the gallows.

However, with some sorcery and guile he is soon saved and offered a challenge, so the story begins.

There is a smirk, giggle or blood encrusted gore fest on nearly every page, but don’t the carnage or daftness fool you, TM is an exquisite master of words able to build a scene and tantalise you with a story line.

Once TM gets his wickedly clever claws in you, you’re hooked and dragged along for the ride.

I liked the way that TM didn’t go in for lengthy explanations of each creature, realm or peoples that he created and added slowly to the mix, he allowed their “attributes” to seep in slowly, building a world and mental image.

He was also pretty adept at managing to fit in all sorts of lyrics with some odd choices! But made me laugh.

I really enjoyed the journey, loved the climax and was thoroughly charmed by the ending, it actually had me snorting in giggles but it also left me desperate for a sequel.

I am infatuated with a strange zombie head called Chatterbox from TM’s Demon Squad series (you have to check this out!) but I think Gorf and Whineblade are now my triad of go to critters for a good giggle.