Saturday, 28 September 2013

One Night Stans by Greg Sisco

A story that is told over the course of a night at One Night Stan's stripper bar! 

Brilliant tale of some missing money, a mistimed phone call and FBI serial killer hunt that weaves all the characters together on this one night of mayhem.

This is so revolting good!

The tale is so intricate and cleverly put together, yet it is easy to follow with some hilarious characters!

The fantastic writing of Greg Sisco left me giggling at horrific torture scenes and then catching myself in a guilty pleasure; you can tell he had a riot writing this.

I learnt some nice new phrases! Hurly the half tailed human wont be far from my thoughts next time I visit Asda/Wallmart!

The Russian Bob legends are so awesome - worth reading the novel just for those one liners!

The climactic scenes at the end are like being on a a hijacked bus ride, splattering passengers as you go...

My first novel by Mr Sisco, I have just bought all his others... and will be looking out for more.

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