Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The Housemates: A Novel of Extreme Terror

Some really good surprises in this book. IRW's writing really puts you in the front row for a voyeuristic show; you may not always want to be there as the blood and gore splatter all over you!

I did find some of the torturous stuff right on the edge of believable, but then this is fiction, I hope!

His characters are very real, very believable as they all have their flaws and foibles. 

I adore the way IRW brings full circle his characters; ASBO: and The Final Winter are both linked in, plus a great cliffhanger at the end!

My only other real niggle is my own disappointed face when I thought I still had 20% of reading left only to find another authors short at the end!

IRW - remains firmly in my top 10 authors!

Housemates: A Novel Extreme Terror

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