Friday, 27 September 2013

Beyond the Veil: Demon Squad by Tim Marquitz

I have been so lucky as to stumble across this amazing author!

I seriously love ebooks and the joy they have brought into my life; although I note they are also in print and may have to order a few just to proudly display them on my shelf!

I am doubly lucky and doomed to have read all 5 books (incl the novella From Hell - A Demon Squad Novella and "very" short story Betrayal - A Demon Squad Story which is free so snatch it up!) in one, very short week: but I am now bereft and left longing for books 6 thru' to infinitum!

Book 5 does not slow in its onslaught of blood, guts, fights, boobs, secrets, mystery and general giggles.

As Frank bumps into his usual trouble and comes across God, Lucifer and Jesus all on a alien world, having a shin dig, he is drawn into a fight that will blow your mind!

I love Mr Marquitz take on religion and his spin on "whats it all about".

He manages, yet again, to lay all the clues out but not give you the keystone piece until the final chapters, leaving you with that gobsmacked feeling of "how the hell did I not see that coming!"

No dramatic cliff hanger in this one, phew for me, but enough is left unsaid, unsorted or without ending that you wont be left without a craving for more (should anyone want to join me in the stalking and harassment of the author to create more, pls email me!)

I was overjoyed to see Chatterbox make a comeback!

A couple of little shorts at the end are well worth a read and go to show the generosity of this author in sharing his talent!!

My eyes are peeled and my tongue is hanging out waiting for the next chapter in Franks life.

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