Friday, 27 September 2013

From Hell: Demon Squad Novella by Tim Marquitz

Ok, so this is a stand alone novella, from a series called the Demon Squad. 

I have to say I was impressed from the first line, Mr Marquitz certainly knows how to draw you in and get you hooked.

Frank, a breast obsessed demon who just happens to be Lucifer's nephew, is sent to Earth on a mission to basically hunt down Jack the Ripper as "Hell" is pissed off that he is claiming the kills in their name!

To add to the fun he pairs up with his cousin Scarlett, the Angel!

Between the detective story, the chase, the humour, which is totally cracking, and all the other amazing stuff that Mr Marquitz manages to cram in and elude too I am devoted, I could not put this down til I had finished it.... like any good thriller, I had to know whodunnit and why! Sorry, no spoilers here! but there are more than enough blood, guts, squishy bits and fight scenes for the gore hounds.

I was seriously impressed how well Mr Marquitz managed to depict London's East End, him being an American and me actually having worked there for several years, he was spot on. 

Not to mention he didn't try to fake an East End accent, thank goodness! His overall descriptions generally, even of the smell in the pub was so vivid as to make you feel you are there.

This was a fantastic read and I cant wait to grab the rest of the series.

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