Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Well, this is a novella in as much as it has "few" words - but don't let that fool you! This story needs time, its like a fine Whisky (or bar of Galaxy choc!) that you want to savour over a period of time, allow to digest and then give you wind!

You cant rush your way through this novella, or expect to sit down for a few hours and devour it.

Although it may devour you! 

It starts off really gently, then slams you down and drags you, face down, into a pit of despair, just when you think your heart is finally pulled inside out, hope sprouts out... but not from where you were thinking!

Jeffrey Kosh is becoming much more lyrical/poetic in his writing, so much more descriptive, which is a wonderful thing, sort of... bearing in mind his chosen genre!

The stories are always dark and I love the little edge of morality that goes along with them; makes you think about the subjects many moons later.

All hail the Kosh.... brilliant read!

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