Friday, 8 November 2013

3-Z by Lori R. Lopez

As always with LRL the wording is lilting but has such a wonderful depth. I love that she makes me look up words!  

This is 3 amazing zombie based stories all wrapped up in one snuggle fest.

Pounds of Flesh: As you read the full extent of the horrible situation it dawns on you how brilliant LRL writing is, as she slowly leaks little pieces of information to you, like panning back/outward when watching a film. As the emotion is ratchet up with a phone call LRL manages to slip in all sorts of horrifying descriptions in that lovely lyrical "did she actually say that" style.
The ending was not what I expected but welcome nonetheless.

A Big Problem: oh my goodness, should you really be giggling they whole way through a horror story?  Just who do you call when your ear falls off from the zombie virus? Dagdon of course! He has the solution to all the issues....

Knock, Knock: another one to make your heart bleed. A real case of mistaken identity, I cant say too much without giving what happens away but this was by far the best ending I have ever read! it is so cleverly written you begin to doubt who the trick or treater is too.