Thursday, 21 November 2013

Jennifer Thomas reviews Billie Sue Mosiman part 1

Jennifer Thomas is loved by many authors for her honest and wonderful reviews. How she finds time to read such a variety and amount is beyond me as she is always on the "go" with two beautiful sons and a wonderful husband. When not entrenched in family life she can often be found at virtual launch parties on FB supporting new authors and books. I look forward to having her guest on my blog many more times in the future!

What if you watched your parents die and you were the only one who knew the truth. You cannot only hear the thoughts of others but of things around you and all you want to do with all of your life is stop the evil that killed the only people who loved you more than life itself.

This is what Linda has to live through and wants to build her strength to fight back against the things that took her parents.

This is a great and powerful suspense thriller that will leave you hanging on the end of every word all the way to the last.

This book is not just about a killer, not just about a runaway girl and not just about the father who wants his daughter back. It is so much more. This is a fast paced suspense filled book about fear and a wasted life of a man who could have been so much more if not for the torment he received as a child.

Billie Sue takes you through the world of night living for a killer who can not stand the day and the rules set by any man or law. His lives by his own rules and just wants to have a witness along for the ride. One thing about this book is after you read it you will be glad just to be alive.

This is a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last word.

Carla is a very strong minded young woman who watched the man who killed her sister walk free to be able to continue to murder more innocent people. Her and her brother-in-law both hold a hatred to strong for this man that they follow him to put a stop to him once and for all. Little do they know this will lead to the worse night of their lives, and the book only gets better from there.

Billie Sue writes such believable characters for this book that you cannot help but to get emotionally wrapped up in the words. This book has such a cold hearted killer and victims who have to fight for what they love. I was brought to tears as I felt the loss of life with in these masterful pages.

Wireman is a book about a serial killer like no other. How are the police supposed to understand the mind of a serial killer that has no pattern. This book reaches into the darkness and plays on quite a few fears that each of us have, the main one being, are we ever safe.

This book will have your emotions going in so many different directions that it just adds to the suspense and over all fear that you are left with till the very end. This is a must read book for any horror reader or anyone who loves a good dark mystery.

Billie Sue has such a wonderful way of making all of her characters so real to the readers that you cannot help but to be pulled into every sentence of the book.
Thank you Billie Sue for all you do!!

This is such a great trilogy, Billie Sue takes you not only through the life of the usual vampire but through the lives of two other types you would never even think of.

Through thousands of years vampires have walked the earth with the humans and they never knew they existed. Would you ever dream that one of your coworkers that you see everyday was a vampire? Can you imagine having to work all of your immortal life just to try to afford the blood that you and your family need to survive just so you can live like a human?

Have you ever thought of a vampire having to live on welfare because of the life path they chose and don't have the ability or want to, to be able to get the blood they need to live?

And of course you have the top of the game vampires that are the ones who run the blood banks to make sure the demand for the blood supply is met.

There are so many characters in these books that you get to meet and live their lived through the incredible words that this outstanding author lays out for you.

Trust me I could go on for days about these books, but I think it would be better for you to just read it for yourself. You will not be disappointed I promise you that.

It is often the kindest of hearts and most sensitive of souls that hurt the easiest. 

Willie has a heart as big as the moon and plenty of love to give if only given the chance. The one thing he was happiest doing was hunting and that is what his mother knew and his brother failed to understand. 

Having the mind of a child well into his 30's made him a target for ridicule and not even his brother was beyond causing pain of heart to this kind soul.

Wonderful dialogue and memorable characters.

This is one of those short stories that makes you think. When you see someone or something different what goes through your mind? How strange does something have to be before it bothers you? Well when it comes to Carnival Freak it is the monsters on the outside of the glass you have to worry about.

The 5 people in this story learn that they are not as well hidden from the world as they once thought and that the evil that lays in their hearts and souls can be seen by the thing they never thought could exist. When they are offered the extra sneak peak at the freak that they are promised is like nothing they have ever seen each of them soon learn that they are the true monsters of the world.

Mary Beth learns more about herself than she ever wanted to after her visit to the Carnival and the lesson she learns changes her life forever.