Thursday, 21 November 2013

Fat Vampire (1-6) Entire Big Series by Johnny B. Truant

This is a brilliant novella! I love Johnny B. Truant's sense of humour!
No real gore just some splatter horror, unless you are a fatophob!

An unfortunate accident ensures that Reginald stays the 350lb slob, that he was as a human, for eternity as a vampire!

His mentor maybe centuries old but not really much help, especially as he looks like a 19 year old skinny Goth kid!

Having befriended his first intended meal, little Claire now helps him feed with defrosted steaks!

The ending was explosive, well timed and brilliant!

Really enjoying this series, such a sense of humour, which has not diminished in the 2nd book. 

Lots of ongoing surprises and themes as the Angels now get in on the act and try to "kill off" the Vampire race. 

The ongoing love/sex affair of Reginald and Nikki's relationship is an amusing side line when you consider today's vanity issues!

It turns out that Reginald is a Vampire genius, which makes for some more humour moments, but brings in some plot twists and turns too

JBT clearly had great fun writing before we are left on a cliff hanger!!

The humour continues in this series re Reginald the 350+lb vampire!! and yet again you feel that JBT has had a good old jolly writing this.

Reginald is still fat and feasting on Chinese, Tacos & Pizzas and anything else he can get delivered. Nikki has turned into a blood and sex crazed fiend! 

An insight into the two Century old Maurice and his home, wife and hobbies; just what do you do with infinity? 

Quite alot of moving and shaking/legal and politics in this episode, so concentrate!

Reginald getting stuck in a manhole cover is a brilliant mental visual!
Big changes to the council and Reginald develops his new skill!!

How can you go wrong with this series.... well add a little too much politics maybe?

A bit more serious in this instalment, but then the story does demand it, and JBT certainly rises to the occasion with his writing skills.

 Along with the normal humour, tales of gut busting chow downs and sexy interludes (although I would love to see more of these!) we reach a new level in the story.... 

Lets start off with the negative!  There are some small editing mistakes in here, the odd missing word or repetition.  It felt a little slow and ploddy, almost like it had lost some of its bite! "The pot is boiling" - I got it!!  plus why did they need a plane from Africa to USA when they were already in an ocean going ship!?

I did struggle a bit to get interested in this 5th book, but as the first 3 were excellent (the 4th was a little too political for me) I carried on, because ultimately I wanted to know what the outcome of this human vs vampire war would be, what the angels had to say, what the codex was and would poor Claire get what she wanted.

It took till 86% for any real vampire action and not just political shuffling and mopping but wow it was worth it and the ending was splendid!

Fantastic the humour is back, in bundles. The innovation and thinking re 40 years into the future is pretty impressive too, I loved the idea of the snack food.

Ok, with the negatives, it did have a bit of repetitiveness, its almost like JBT forgot what he was writing and needed to repeat himself a few times. Claire and her amazing abilities only pop into their thoughts when they need something, some friends! and what real use is she??

What have Reginald and Nikki done for 40 years? did he not work out in ALL that time, with his super brain, that Nikki never learnt a new skill? that Maurice in millennia never learnt new things?

Maybe I missed something but he never mentions his nieces in all the endless listing of who he cares about.    And why, oh why did they go through ALL that rigmarole of contacting Walker to get to Paul, a random character, to get to Lafontaine when Claire with all her abilities could have just rung his mobile!

The codex was well worth the wait, the ending was neatly tied up. Is this one of my favourite series, no..... would I recommend it? YES!! it does have some brilliant humour, original thoughts and creative writing.