Monday, 28 October 2013

Wrapped In Red anthology

A really good collection of vampire related stories. The editor has done some superb sifting to come out with these beauties and the order is glorious, the shift in emotions from start to finish and the flow is brilliant. Some wonderful new authors for me to seek out.

Daddy used to drink too much by Michael G. Williams: A tale so full of woe I was left a little bereft and the end. Lots of blood and some fangs, but also tons of emotion. Such a sad way to start the book. The way MGW described the whole setting was also very corporeal.

Nightbound by Patrick C. Greene: PCG starts the story so well you can’t help but want harm to come to these “bad” men, he continues to heap nastiness upon them but gives a sense of spook once in the house, you can feel the blood suckers coming. The first kill is amazing, it was so visual. The criminals really get what they deserved, some smirking great humour.
Promises by Domyelle Rhyse: Another sad little tale of love lost. I really enjoyed the internal dialogue and Amelie’s torment. DR was able to portray some heartbreaking loses in only a few paragraphs and I got a sense of the loss of time.

Ye Who Enter Here, Be Damned by Billie Sue Mosiman: you are always promised a good read with BSM and this was no exception, a well thought out plot with some seriously good twists.

The Blood Runs Strong by Chantal Noordeloos: a sadistic, tormented boy becomes a Master and finds his true destiny. With a blood curdling ending this was an easy read with some great descriptions to set the scene. This is a lady to watch.

Blood Ties by Sarah I. Sellers: what a strange take on the vampires. Such a haunting start, with vivid description of the Underworld and Lucifer was made almost beautiful. This could easily be the start of a fantastic novel.

Born of the Earth Justine Dimabayou: I was confused by the family knowing what vampires were but not understanding what was happening to their daughter, then they suddenly realise when she goes all incestuous. There was nothing wrong with the writing or style, I just did not enjoy the story.

Shattering Glass by Brian D. Mazur: more succubus than vampire I thought, but still an intriguing tale. The style of writing was almost polite in its delivery.

Dangerous Dan Tucker; Vampire Gunslinger by Maynard Blackoak:  a real wild west tale, some great dialogue and imagery. Nothing overly unique about this tale but it well written and grips you with its lilting tone. 

Blood in the Water by Suzi M:  SM analogies are beautiful and smile inducing. So much back history is given in a few short sentences I felt like I had read a novel. The description of the “monster” had me holding my nose! I will be watching news reports for the coming World Domination.

Vermillion by Bryan W. Alaspa:   the back story is inspired in its telling, BWA does not think us readers are fools, instead he continues to be eloquent in his revealing of the story. As the climax comes nothing is given away until the last moment, then it is final. Awesome story and fantastic writing style.

My Boss is a Vampire by Michael David Matula: from the first few lines I was treated to smirk worthy narrative; turkey Voodoo curses abound.  Oh what a treat to end on, this left me with such a smile! Fantastic story with a real kick in the fangs!

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