Monday, 14 October 2013

DEAD: Reborn by TW Brown

Just a small word of warning if you have not read books 1-6 then don’t bother with this one!!

A not so gentle reintroduction to the main groups, there is so much loss and grief still abound in this new chapter of the DEAD series, it’s almost heartbreaking.

TW Brown does brilliantly well with pulling at your emotions whilst giving you a good gorefest; there are some really happy moments too so don’t think it’s all doom and gloom.

The change in mood from Steve to Billy is refreshing as a new "eye" is cast over the situation; almost a naivety.

It is hard to review what is going on with each group without giving some of the suspense away as it is so packed with action and the rotation style of writing (a beautiful nod to George R.R.Martin) kept me riveted to my seat which was just as well with all the cliffhangers that TWB throws at you.

I am loving the new editions of Katrina and Simon, please don’t let them be bad guys or get killed off too quickly.

I have so many questions!
What's with the creepy kid zombies, are they evolving? If so, into what? And why!
And the whole “nukes on a train” thing….
Ohmergerd at Kevin at the end, the ultimate white knuckle grip on my poor Kindle.

I am always amazed at the dystopian world that is painted by the zompoc authors, nothing goes well, no one finds any happiness, the constant struggle, the unending flood of human depravity, how strong is the will to survive? And for what? I guess that’s why I really stopped to think when the London, UK, crew stop for a drink and talk about happy memories.
The books must be getting shorter as I managed to munch my way through this in a six hour sitting! write faster!

My parting shot has to be…. What is it with cats and zombie writers?

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