Monday, 7 October 2013

Zombie Fallout by Mark Tufo

If you like horror or zombie (fiction) then you will love this book/series.

When reading the reviews I loved this comment from one fan “I get a sneaky suspicion that in 20 years’ time we'll all be talking Romero vs. Tufo”; the fact that in the UK alone he has 140+ and USA is 575+  tells you what a great book this is.

Mark Tufo introduces you to a family struggling to survive during the apocalypse, the love shown amongst them really marks this out as a “more than horror book”, it also has SO many other elements to it.

It is written from Mike Talbots PoV, with some other diary entries thrown in for good fun, his wife, Tracey, especially makes me giggle. It is not purely a diary/journal though, so don’t be put off.

The humour is a large part of the story; the Talbotisms really guide you through some of the most horrific descriptions of the start of ZomPoc that I have ever read.

The scares and horror scenes are, unfortunately, all too believable and the route of initial infection is personally terrifying.

Many times you are left on tenter hooks as the Tufo family seems to get/put themselves into some very butt clenching scenarios.  As others join the group this seems to multiply as Talbot has a way of antagonising people!

The climax to this first book is pantwettingly scary; Eliza is in a realm of her own.

It's hard to say more without giving the story away, particularly as I know how it progresses through the next 6 books, and onto Lycan Fallout.

BTW Mark Tufo, Im still pissed about Bear!

As a side note, Mark Tufo is very involved with his fans and enables you to comment and ask questions on Facebook his  page, often having random Unfair Competitions of the day to win all sorts of stuff you never knew you REALLY wanted.

In addition, this is now on book 6 (10/2013) in the series and Mark Tufo has written many other books besides, his grammar and punctuation has 100% improved but this lacks behind. However, I believe an overhaul/update is around the corner.

                 Zombie Fallout