Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sea Sick by Iain Rob Wright

Another brilliant story by the great Iain Rob Wright and as usual wonderfully presented! 
that cover alone gave the creeps....

Not sure I will ever go on a cruise again!

The attention to detail of the ship coupled with the  well rounded characters, gives you a sense of "being there" which is really not good when Hell follows you on board!

The great interspersed plot lines give a real sense of depth to the characters; IRW has an amazing knack of bringing in characters you have already read about in his other novels and showing you a completely different side to them.

A fantastic twist on the zompoc, a bit of thriller thrown in for good measure, for those that love a sting in the tale you wont be disappointed; the sense of isolation and foreverness really got me!

Loved the ending..... talk about doubt your own habits!

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