Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fall from Grace by Eden Crowne

Angels, Demons, marks of death and lots of sex! how could you go wrong with that mix!

Eden Crowne has done it again.... she has written an intricate book of demons/angels, with other monsters thrown into the mix, and then mulched it all up with some really great sex.

Poor Evie and Trick - a match made in heaven and then scuppered by the demons.

You won't find any out right gore here but you will find lots of well thought out monsters who are perfectly described and just enough information to get your imagination bubbling.

Love the character development... and Barracuda is so far my favourite... want to know more!

Cleverly woven political landscape, a light hearted read, but with an underlying current - very clever writing.

The story is focused yet eludes to a much larger "world", really looking forward to more of this.

Oh and lets not forget about the thigh clenching sex scenes, phew!

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