Monday, 7 October 2013

Group 742 by Christine Sutton

Bugs! well of course....

Christine Sutton, deftly writes little inter connecting stories about a series of apartments in a block that's due to be made 'roach free on Tuesday  - but can the occupiers live that long?

She manages to combine horror and humour exceptionally well, bringing the story some authenticity with her ability to show the reality of life in just little exchanges of conversation or the dullness of everyday chores. 

The horror does not always come at the expense of insect munching either, CS manipulates the story in such a way as you almost feel sorry for the cause; but gives it a real tweak of old style B movie essence, only without the awful dialogue and bad acting.

There are some really sickening gory moments, certainly made my stomach lurch. Combine that with the tension that CS builds and I'm glad it was only a short story, not sure I could have stood much more prolonged quivering.

I loved the saviour! and the ending was a classic.