Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Dust to Dust by Eden Crowne

Well, I have to admit I picked this up as part of a free promotion on a FB page.

However, I have now purchased the other two books Fear Club: Tokyo Masquerade & Fall From Grace (Avenging Angel) as I was so impressed with the story and writing.

WOW. I was thrown straight into the story as our main character, Tasmin, joins her new body and meets Drake, a Fae.

The story is intricate, well thought out, lots of differing strings attached but so wonderfully written you have NO trouble keeping up.

Throughout reading this story (a straight 4hr read, could NOT put it down) I just kept feeling myself say WOW....

All the different supernatural beings are in there, I don't think the author left one out! but none are gratuitous, all have a place!

What really comes through is the sense of story and how far this could go, so I hope the author is up to it!

The humour is amazing; one reincarnation is of a bo-peep/sheep hybrid!

Amongst the gore is also some really raunchy, yet not icky, erotica.

I cant wait for more from this Eden Crowne! I am definitely a BIG fan now.

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