Sunday, 6 October 2013

Animal Kingdom by Iain Rob Wright

A day out at the zoo becomes a fight for survival and not just from the animals!

Joe is  good man, his character is flawed and has the Iain Rob Wright usual aspects of heroism laced just enough with, WTF to make him believable.

Grace I found irritating, especially at the end. Bill was lovely and I think he could have played a bigger part.  Shirley the necessary "nut job" was on hand at all the right moments, not enough back story on her. Mason? hmmmm a waste of space for me. 

Randall and Victor - villains, and good ones but a bit too OTT, and with no extended fleshing out to them it was hard not to just find them predictable.

IRW characters are usually always full & rounded characters, with a drip feed of back stories which make you love, loathe or have a mixture of feelings about them, but I really thought that with this revamp he would/could have developed them more.

There are no corners cut on the gore! and some bits are mostly definitely written to make you squirm. 

I was sad to see the goldfish story removed, as I found it highly amusing, but more epilogue stories are added to give a "nice" rounded edge to the global horror.

IRW states at the end this is a stand alone novel, but he has comments and little nods to many of his other novels.

*** SPOILER ***
I was disappointed that no reason was given just left open for readers imagination.
I was also hoping that he would comment on a sequel.