Sunday, 6 October 2013

Ravage by Iain Rob Wright

I was lucky enough to get a review copy BUT I found it so brilliant I bought the ebook as soon as it became available, I am also a fan of indie authors and if you don't buy them, they can't write more as they tend to starve to death!!

Anyway, on to the review!

No slow introduction here, wham you are straight into the snotty, blood soaked gore. Assuming you are not new to zombie horror you will recognise and wince at all the sneezing, finger kissing and bottle sharing.

Iain Rob Wright has the amazing ability to make all his characters have depth, none are perfect, they are just regular humans - which gives the the thrown together/apocalyptic group dynamic and real tension.

The story is split into three parts, you are introduced to various people and watch as circumstance, zombies and plain human idiocy rip them to pieces.

IRW does not shy away from the gore factor but gives you enough of the day to day running of post apocalypse to be, in itself, horrifying.

The links to his other books is nothing short of genius (if you think SK does a good job wait till you see the intricate web IRW weaves!)

I thought the ending epilogue chapters were what really made the story stand out and unique for me. The trail and spread of destruction was reminiscent of SK The Stand but it had such a human element attached you feel yourself shudder at the implications of your own daily life.

As for the final paragraphs.... OMG.....

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