Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Debacle of Donuts by Allison M. Dickson

No mincing about here, straight into the story.

Poor Claire, at 430lbs she decides enough is enough, plonks on her trainers and dares her body to walk the mere 2 miles to the park & ride! after, she stomps her way through the donut breakfast provided for her by the ever enabling hubby, Sam..... off she wobbles.

Written with a great tongue in cheek wit, this really had me grinning at the stupidity of Claire and her sad issues with all of her fat; it was also kind of heart breaking.

She finally reaches the store and chooses a ScratchCard instead of the chocolate bar.... then the fun begins!

I cant really tell you what she wins! but I did love the ending.... left to the imagination of the reader!

Loving the little comments at the end of all of AMDs stories, little insights into how the story developed; its almost as fascinating as the book.

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