Saturday, 5 October 2013

Aria by Allison M. Dickson

In the first few paragraphs we have the entire sad life of Mark spelled out; even his excuses for an affair.

At first I felt sorry for him, then the clanger on the phone comes and I actually felt my own stomach do an elevator ride as my empathy for the wife kicked in.

Mitzi, a wise yet unwise lady (married man, affair, but still there) and her comments rang lots of bells for me :(

I had to laugh at the American author taking the micky out of the British voice on the GPS for speaking/pronouncing correct English!!

Ending and the alternate: I liked the first one, although it was abrupt and gave no real reason as to why. I enjoyed the alternate much more but I would have liked more as to the origins of Aria etc, and I loved the addition of Officer Condon, that gave a real "this is not imaginary" feel to it.

AMD comments at the end, I love these little connections with the author. She states that that she hates this story, but I really liked it, it shows from an early stage what incredible skill she has. I actually think this has the makings of a novel rather than a short story.

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