Monday, 14 October 2013

End of the Challenge

So I have come end of my reading challenge for my holidays.

It is a sad moment, but along the way I have had all sorts of adventures. Emotions have been wrung out of me from some amazing authors. I have been happy, sad, scared, spooked, crying and at one point livid and left wanting to "face palm"...

But I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and can say what a brilliant holiday I have had, minus the tan!

Along the way, thanks to anthologies, author links & some Amazon suggestions I have managed to pick up another 27 books.  I may have to now hide from the Hubby when he sees the bank statement.

BUT I am thoroughly looking forward to all of them, first on the list will be some blog catching up, especially this one  An Interview with Tracy Tufo oh, and Mark! from one of my favourite authors and bloggers TW Brown. I am proud to be a Tal- BOT  and a Fan of the DEAD.

and by the way, just for the giggle, this was sent to me, let me know what you think!!