Saturday, 12 October 2013

Darlings Of Decay - anthology

A pre-warning, the blurb for this says "stories & excerpts" maybe I missed the excerpts bit because quite a few of these chapters were just lumps of other stories, enticements into buying the full story from the author. Not sure I like that style of anthology.

What Zombies Fear by Laura Bretz: it all started with a weird phone call, then a mad bite laden drive through country lanes, as the main character (Ryan) struggles to get home to his beloved wife - LB really ratcheted up the tension and the emotions felt by this perfect couple. She also gave a  great sense of despair and there was a real element of spook. Ryan's "journey" did make me smile a few times. The ingenious use of duct tape - its a fix-all!! I didn't really understand the end but thought the premise would make a great full length novel. I also want their house!  great load of links at the end of the story, and I look forward to her first novel.

Bob by Tonia Brown: a humorous, zen thinking zombie but with no set un-life desire to reach the top of the munching pile, until poor work shy Bob finds his true calling. brilliant!  TB really manages to inject some humour into the grotesque.

Just Another Day by Chantal Boudreau: supermum in the ZomPoc, its a hardship juggling so much, but Margot does well. CB really draws you into this little family unit and then does a big WooHoo at the end. Very enjoyable.

Mr Romero's Warriors by Catt Cahman: very short but also very haunting, I was left with an "omg what did I just read" feeling. 

Descent by Mia Darian: a very strange little tale of Gods, zombies and sacrifice. I did not really get into this story as felt the "telling" of the story odd and the mix of genres too weird; for me!

Flesh Seekers by CM Doporto: I loved the clever way that CMD conveyed information without long spiels, just little infobombs. The dystopian world that she depicts is filled with horrors,  and her gore descriptions were grossly wonderful. I felt a bit cheated on this one though as it ends with an advert for the continuing of the story.  meh, not good, IMO if I want to like the authors work and buy it I will do but not because I was lured in during an anthology. 

Zombie Battle by Jacqueline Druga: another temptation piece to get you hooked on the author, without a complete story. Not impressed. Although I was with the story and the writing. 

You'll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again by Dana Fredsti: lots of film references, which if you like movies you will enjoy. The blasé way the zombie issue is dealt with is hysterical and the "show must go on". I really enjoyed this.

Payback by Belinda Frisch: again, this is merely a little stuffed in short to entice you (the reader) to buy the bigger novel. Sorry, I already paid for an anthology and I expect full stories. 

I'll Love You Forever, But... by April Grey: I had to snort when its the slimey mud covered socks that really miff our Lady regarding her zombie husband and that is only the start of this brilliant short story. I will definitely be on the look out for more. MY favourite.

Excerpts... Michelle Kilmer & Rebecca Hansen: NOPE! I wont half read a story, sorry.

The Fruit of Thy Womb by Lori R. Lopez: I'm glad this lovely, well known to me, author came next or I would have given up on this book. However the story is not lovely, the world has gone to poop and poor Ziggy has had a tough time, the dejection and gloom in his world so delicately chronicled by LRL. Flies with teeth, aaah thats almost as bad as spiders with wings! As the story flits back and forth in time zones and the stories of the three main characters revolve, it really gives you a sense of what has occurred as the horror unfolds. Its certainly a unique take on the zompoc!

Scarred by Suzi M: short and snappy! thankfully I have read ALL the stories by this author so feel I know her well, this was a very short show of her talent.

The One in the Basement by Tara Maya: Marlie is the Queen of Kitsch. I was in giggleheaven with PooTube & Twatter. A "lovely" little story of family love - really enjoyed this. 

Sundered by Shannon Mayer: another advert, and SO much of a story to end nowhere.

Zombified by Lyra Mcken: aw what a sad little zombie tale of two children slowly turning into zombies, very clever writing shows off the confusion and emotion. The prologue was inspired.

Zombie Awakening by Cynthia Melton, Hope for A Happy ending by by Kristen Middleton,  The Zombie Chroncicles by Chrissy Peebles & The Sickness by Jeannie Rae:  more short stories enticing to you buy the novel - I bought this one, this function of testing a book is available via Amazon.

At this point I am NOT wasting any more of time reading. I am sorry to the remaining authors who contributed.

In future I will be a little more careful in what anthologies I buy and not just go on the few names that I recognise.