Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Zombie Fallout 7: For the Fallen by Mark Tufo

OH my! so much emotion in this one.
I was thrown back into the action straight off, some small recaps so I was not totally confused, which was great.

Its nice to see the return/gathering of some "lost" characters.

My main "fun" moment was the return of Trip - how can you not love this guy, his escape and find is amazing and really brought a sense of humour to the whole thing.

I have to admit that I found this episode very hard going on the emotions, its a real roller coaster; with some nail biting moments.

The Talbotisms are in full swing and the zombie splatter is on again.

Some new elements were introduced, such as the Army and Will & June in the labs.... now where is that going to go! not to mention all the history on the release of the flu virus.... intriguing.

I really got drawn into Deneaux, and her back story with this new ongoing plot line its sure to be something sinister coming! roll on book 8!

The zombies are also now evolving, with Eliza gone, but into what! 

Other reviews have commented on the flashbacks at the end being "tedious" but actually I always find them enjoyable and love the way that MT manages to weave his other books in to the ZF world.