Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bob The Zombie: The Sequel by Jaime Johnesse

Another brilliant (and well written) chapter in the life of Bob the dancing Zombie!

He is such a well fleshed out character, pun intended! With his back story and friends you can’t dispute that he is real! In fact he is facebook, so he must be.

JJ manages to think of every little loop hole that might be for his strange existence. With the aid of staples and Super-super glue he is able to go on adventures and dance the night away!

This story is of the Warlock/Witch plot to overthrow the human world. It’s fast paced with loads of humour along the way, but also some great tension moments.

Yes, as is Bob’s way there are some sentimental moments too, but not enough to be sickly.

So make sure you follow Bob in real life on his FB page;  Bob.

I loved the idea of a Dorothy door and there are some really clever pop-culture nods.