Saturday, 5 October 2013

Phantasmic Flashes & other synaptic misfires by Allison M. Dickson

As always AMD starts with a great comment and ends on an even better one, I love her real world dialogues and explanations!

Lost: ok, smelly dumpster, but gosh with the grotesque descriptions Bam you are in there yak! As readers we warned in the beginning of the weirdness of some of these stories and wow AMD was not wrong. I have some idea of what is going on here but what a whoosh at the end. Great stuff.

Whats left: omg this one is so sad, as you wander ghost like through this dilapidated house you are given a sense of "whats left" and I really felt the house had a soul. For the few lines that this story was it really left me with a bereft feeling, so powerful is AMDs narrative.

Treatment: aha now I see why you should read these in order, very clever AMD, very clever, another weird, yet wonderful, installment of the phantasm!

Rite of Passage: set in a futuristic world, the story of teacher Grafton and how she plans to set "her" children free with forbidden knowledge.

Adrift: back into the phantasm. A snack fights back. The sting of pain and humour is evident in this little snap shot. Peppered throughout these stories is the impression of a drug induced nightmare, however there is a tinge of reality that just keeps you dismissing that idea.

Sweet Things: a master saboteur of the Halloween sweets. Just gross.

Denouement: ah the finale, not such a surprise, but the futility of doing the dame thing over and over is evident, sad but true.

AMD is fast becoming a favourite author of mine and I am rapidly devouring all her works to date....she promises some full length novels in the future and fervently await them.

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