Friday, 25 October 2013

FunHouse by Micheal Bray

I really enjoyed all the author comments at the end but feel that stories could have been enhanced a little by their inclusion at the start of each story rather than the end.

Some of the tales were inspired in their ability to give me the heebie-jeebies and the MB is very talented in his skill to describe and direct you, however stating the obvious about some things, instead of allowing intelligence and imagination to take over was a little irritating!

I was also curious as to the American slant to things when MB is a brilliant British author.

Some nice little links to each story like a subtle thread that runs through them.

Mr. Ghoul’s Quaint Little Ghost Train: almost gave too much away not allowing for my own imagination, that said with all the horrors and mistakes in my life not sure I want to ride this train. Very spooky!

99.9AM:  funny how a description of a hifi system can throw you back to your teenage years. Clever and creepy story but I did find the back and forth dialogue annoying. The ending was great, not expected.

The Eye:    well that’s me not going to the toilet alone for a long time!  MY favourite!

Scarecrows: I loved the non-movie honesty! You could sort of feel this story coming but its got some interesting twists and turns, for me it was a little long winded and took some of the bite out.

H _ ng _ _ n: an intriguing game, unusual ending but I was more enthralled trying to guess the word than engaged with the characters.

The Boy Who Saw Spiders: as spiders are not my favourite thing this had its own terror, but I didn’t see the point of the story other than to totally freak us arachnaphobs out!

The Man in the Alley: nothing gory or horror laden in this little tale but it did leave me with a shiver up my spine.

Sick Day: oh no, I wanted more!! Why,why, why? This was starting to become a really good story and then it stopped. Argh

Jasper: this left me feeling very sad and now a bit spooked by crows. The scene setting was very atmospheric and really added to the heart racing pace.

Tilly: Chucky has nothing on this little lady, I knew I didn’t like dollies, talk about giving you the heebie-jeebies!

Long Tall Coffin: I loved this story, but then I believe in Karma in all its forms! This was the first story that what was unsaid was more scary than spelled out.

50/50: tenter hooks, that was what I was left on! Brilliant suspense filled writing, took you right to the edge and then….

Cabin Fever: such beautiful descriptions of the country, I could almost feel the suns warmth and smell the fresh air.  Unfortunately this wonderfully detailed prose carried on into the gore and torture. The fear in the old man as he tells his story is very evident and gave me a sense of foreboding.   On a down point some of the time line is a bit askew IMO.

The Langton Effect: OCD to the extreme, very freaky, left me feeling a little on edge.

The Trial of Edwyn Greer: wow, I was gripped and intrigued in the first few sentences. A courtroom drama with an edge. Some pondering thoughts too, a well thought out little story that is not so short.

Candyland: Small towns and their strange folk, although this one certainly gave me the shudders, not so much the story as the ending paragraph.

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