Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Fear Club: Tokyo Masquerade by Eden Crowne

Well I stumbled upon this author awhile ago and was thoroughly enchanted by her skill at writing and the worlds she creates.

This novel starts slowly, allowing you to love the main character Lexie, hate her tormentors and want desperately to mooch around Tokyo with her.

As things soon start to heat up all sorts of critters seep out of the walls, literally.

From werecats, demon hounds, fairies, Gods, sprites and magic this books sparks and then spellbinds you (see what I did there!) to your chair compelling you to read until the end.

This is blissfully only the first book of maybe three, possibly more, as this world is so full!

Hinting at all the possibles, maybes and secrets to be revealed this shoots you to the ending, and drops you off a cliff!

The characters are believable and intriguing. The surrounding story is steeped in various myths, religions and history. The main story line is fast, furious, bloody and magical.

Eden Crowne cleverly uses local temples/structures and her obvious extensive travel knowledge to weave a fantastic world, none of which us mere mortals are aware of.

I am so looking forward to more by this author, she is brilliant!

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