Saturday, 26 October 2013

Strings by Allison M. Dickson

Extended from the The Good Girls short story this starts off with a great bit of back history, but does not fully explain everything, leaving lots to the imagination and hopefully a prequel, beg beg.

The strange mix of Mob, house spider, torture, prostitutes and a weird Nurse wrapped in red is beyond gripping. The suspense builds with each chapter, the rotating stories really allow for some suspense filled moments.

The intricate dual plot lines are fantastic, coming to an inspired climax. The characters are complex yet full of life, some in a very scary and realistic way, even the ones "not really there" have a sense of depth.  

Madam’s scene in the kitchen was wonderfully grotesque and most definitely my favourite part in the book.  

Just when you think the horror can’t get worse, it does in bucket loads. AMD surpasses herself in this book, I actually felt a bit nauseous at one point, but the story just drags you along by your throat as you are compelled to carry on reading.

As always with AMD, her author notes are extensive and open, as she shows you her process. I often find these to be as much fun as the stories. I say almost because this has gone way beyond any of her short stores or flash fictions this is a full of novel of terror, sublimely written with such delicate details as to make you squirm. However, it is also highly addictive as I was rooted to my chair unable to go to bed until I completed the juggernaut of terror ride.

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