Sunday, 6 October 2013

ASBO by Iain Rob Wright

I went to bed to read a few chapters of this book.... stayed awake for another 5hrs reading as could not put this down.

Wow Iain Rob Wright grips you right from the first few pages and does not let go.

The characters are believable and this makes for a gut wrenching read. IRW states this is a thriller more than horror, but I beg to differ... the truth in this novel is horrifying... none of it seems OTT or non plausible.

All big towns/cities in UK have this issue now with feral kids running around bored, and reasons or not, the stuff they do and say is scary... no, fear generates some real terror.

IRW manages to make you feel every emotion with this read.... amazing!

I cannot praise this book enough, it has left me gobsmacked!

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