Saturday, 21 December 2013

Riley 4 by Mark Tufo

There is so much going on in this final opening chapter of the Riley, Ben Ben and Patches saga into the zombie apocalypse…. Poor Riley, but the new chant is “what would Riley do” for those that love the ZF series, who needs Talbot!

The wonderful memory of Santa is brought back to bop you on the nose. But, of course, all of that warm fuzzy feeling is negated with Icely in charge, talk about a pantomime villain.

Loved the comment from Icely that Riley had read the book Art of War.

MT really knows how to put your heart through the ringer as one danger looms after another, the Man vs Dog scene was nail biting.

Some great references to ZF: Lycan Fallout in her dreams.

Memories of Bear…..a fresh reunion and then such a sad death.
I damn near cried my eyes out at the ending of this brilliant series, fantastic.

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