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Zombie Armageddon Books 1-3 by Ian Woodhead

Ian Woodhead now has a brilliant new editor and she is beginning to make his books shine like they should, so if you come across typos etc don't worry they will be gone soon!

IW has some great, fresh ideas that he brings to the zombie story genre.

Wham! What a great way to start a horror book with some poor bloke, who I secretly hated (!), getting his manly bits bitten off!

If you are squeamish or scared of swearing then this author and series of books is NOT for you! 

Set "up North" in the UK, it's rough and tough stuff, and I'm pleased to note that he does not dumb  his dialogue down for others to understand; if you don't get a certain phrase, look it up, haha and eeew will spring to mind often!

Personally I thought the death and reanimation timings were a little too fast.

Amongst the general goings on of a zompoc are these weird, not so wonderful, characters - such as Dennis who goes on a full serial killer jaunt whilst loving the impending apocalypse.

A few sporadic little personal stories that usually don't end well gave me a sense of fullness to the whole story, such as poor Jacob, to be finally socially acceptable only to succumb to parental control. 

IW is a master at creating some really detestable characters and his gore descriptions are enough to make you wince. In his world nobody is perfect and we all have a little edge to us, especially if the zombies start to invade (although I would like to point out I have never buried anyone locally!)

As the remaining survivors meet up the tensions are high and IW leaves this book on a real cliffhanger.

What is following them? Will Dennis survive his encounter? Is his theory correct?

I really enjoyed the British element such as the snooker cues must be used against zombies instead of just an endless supply of bullets (the world is ended where are they all coming from?)

This book romped, or should that be groaningly shuffled, along with good pace, I am so looking forward to rest in this series.

IW has the ability with his writing skill to make you love or loathe his characters, with the reality and emotions that he gives them.

He reminds me of the late, great James Herbert in his character building; devoting a whole chapter to a back story only to kill them off in some gruesome way but still managing to add to the story in a subtle way.

This second book throws a whole new twist into the mix, a new breed of zombie? The character of Talbot has a nasty thread but where will it lead?

This time IW concentrates most of the action on a small night club, which has amazing pies, made me hungry! Very random.

New people are thrown into the mix and the clashing of personalities brings a new element to the story.

The final showdown is pretty tense and the outcome is another cliffhanger moment begging you to read book no.3.

I did wonder why there was no mention of the group of survivors from book no.1

In true IW style you are plunged straight back in to the gore.

This is yet another angle on the zombie outbreak based around the Breakspear housing estate, this time focused on the "posh" apartment block; The Mill.

Again, lots of character based action and how different people react to the Armageddon zombie style; some thrive and some do not!

The unique twist that is the "possible" evolution of the zombie, or at least another strain, is again bubbled to the surface with the strange, yet beautiful Alex and her minions - Dennis (?Wheatly), Vincent (?Price) and Christopher (?Lee); did IW just make a massive nod the horror greats?

As the two groups make their way towards each other for a munch and kill showdown the undead are merely the side show.

The ending is abrupt but IW explains that this is that all three books can be read as stand alone novels, but entice you to read book no.4 which brings all the groups together!

or you can save yourself some money and buy ALL three books plus a bonus content ....

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