Saturday, 21 November 2015

Dying Days 5 by Armand Rosamilia

The story starts off with a group of survivors stuck in a restaurant toilet being taunted by a group of zombies, one of those people is Mitchell, who eventually opens the door to The Lich Lord and listens to his proposal. AR is very clever in almost summing up the last four books in one little speech from this “fella”.

This continues to be a zompoc with a difference as this particular zombie keeps getting faster, more cunning, nastier and definitely smarter, not to mention shifting his appetite preferences.  The Lich Lord is expanding not only his empire but his abilities but what is his end goal?

Back in the Daytona Beach camp Veronica is working hard on keeping things running whilst loathing and doubting Jeff, so is Claude who is “promoted” to refugee coordinator; a job that sounds, from Jeff’s version, very much like the Third Reich’s ideal sorting plan. Jeff is a horrific character but totally believable, sadly.

Our “heroine” Darlene continues to recover from her horrific birth and loss. With a lot of help from an unexpected source. Her baby is not yet safe and so many factions have plans for him.

There are some really harsh deaths in this book, especially as I had started to care about them, clever writing AR but cruel.

The ending is climactic but of course leaves you wanting more, bring it on.

Initially I will be the first to admit I was very unsure of this series with its hard than diamond girls, their thongs and the sexually rampant zombies BUT AR has evolved (like his zombies) and his writing is much more articulate, eloquent, plot stuffed, character laden and all manner of other wonderful things, so yes, I am now a huge fan of these books and the author.

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