Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Bloodfellas by Jasper Bark & Mick Trimble

This is my first ever Graphic Novel and I have to say I loved it so much I am going to buy the paperback version for my shelf. The detail in the visuals is amazing.

Wonderful drawing and illustration by Mick Trimble really brought the story to life visually, allowing JB to concentrate on the very intricate, complex and well thought out story.

Papa Sangs is trying to build a gateway to Heaven so he can be…. Well what do all Mob Bosses want!

With the help of two Angels, two love struck Zombies, one scientist and a whole load of mobsters’ zombies!

All the main characters are strangely connected which comes to fruition right in the last few pages.

There is a strong undercurrent of religion in this story but it helped rather than hindered the story flow.