Friday, 17 January 2014

My first time ever was amazing - Im talking audible books!

So this is my first ever audible book. Do I like them, oh yes, finding time to sit and listen is going to be a challenge, I am not able to pop them on whilst swimming or driving, I may end up killing myself or others!

I have left this review as written in the format, so you can see why I wrote about certain things; really made me think how this story and how its narration actually affected me. 

Chris Barnes has the most amazing voice, it carries emotion well but with a tough edge to it that really lends itself to this book. I cant completely label him just yet as this is my only audible book, so watch this space! 

 Would you listen to High Moor again? Why?
I loved how the characters came to life with the narration; the added music was really haunting and gave me chills at some points. I understand that this is an added bonus by the narrator, it certainly adds to the overall feeling of the story.

What was one of the most memorable moments of High Moor?
Some of the fight scenes were really intense and Chris Barnes really slams you back in your seat with his ferocious telling.

I did try listening whilst I was swimming but found I soon forgot to move my arms/legs which is not great for staying above water, so I retreated to the hot tub in the end and remained until I became a prune and my batt ran out. 

I cant wait to listen to High Moor 2: Moonstuck

Have you listened to any of Chris Barnes’s other performances? How does this one compare?
No, but I will definitely be looking him up for further narrations. Maybe he will lead me to new authors.

Did you have an emotional reaction to this book? Did it make you laugh or cry?
Yes, lots of emotions! 
I laughed and snorted on occasion. 

One moment in the book made my throat tighten and you can tell the emotion in Chris Barnes voice too, its almost beautiful (can you say that about a hard sounding Scottish bloke?)

Then there is the gore which is only highlighted when told in this fashion, when you read yourself you can skip some of the yucky bits, not so when Chris is reading to you, you are pulled in by his voice and led through every single drip of blood and swipe of paw.

Graeme Reynolds may have created the characters and led them through the gore laden scenes, but Chris Barnes really ratcheted up the tension in my opinion.

Any additional comments?

I was riveted from the start, what a way to open a book!

Originally I was grabbed by the cover, but the story is original and fast paced.

Big chunks of the book are set in the 1980s so the referencing (which is almost OCD in accurateness) really brought my childhood back with a bang; minus the bone crunching, bone munching werewolves of course.

This has villains/bullies you hate, heroes you love... and the odd weird American! love it!
The settings are fantastically broody in some cases, but basically boil down to brutality with so much realism, its kind of gross, these are not cuddly werewolves.

Lots of back story and left open for more expansion of this interesting world. (book 2 is on the way!)

I would recommend this story to anyone that loves horror or the werewolf genre; the narration is such a juicy cherry on the top.