Saturday, 4 January 2014

Jennifer Thomas reviews..... Jaime Johnesse

Jaime Johnesee is reviewed by my guest blogger Jennifer Thomas.

One never knows who they meet online, just as a person never knows what mental state another person is in at any one point of their life.

When Martin Gregory meets the love of his life on an online dating site he feels that his life is finally complete. 

Alas it is not meant to be because his life is turned upside down by the demons that have come to ruin his life and take away the one person who he has grown to love and cherish.

But the one thing this story makes you ask is who has the demons within and from where do they come?

Another great read by Jaime Johnesee that takes you into the human mind and leaves you thinking and wondering..

This was such a great and unique read. 

When you think about reading a book or story on shape shifters you usually think of werewolves or a person who can change into many different animals but Jaime Johnesee takes you through a life were there are people in the world who live with one animal within them and are not feared by their normal neighbors and are loved by their friends. 

Not only do you get a great shape shifting story but in the within these pages you get a wonderful investigation of a serial killer who needs to be captured. 

The horror he inflicts upon his victims will make you feel the disgust and make you want this evil to pay for what he has done. 

The main character, Samantha Reese, is someone you are able to relate too and you want her to do everything with her powers to stop this horrible man before he can causes the death of yet another innocent life.

I was able to feel the emotions from the Sam as she fights for the innocents all while wanting to find her origins and understand who she is. She wants what many of us want from life, understanding and love.

I highly recommend this book to everyone who loves a great mystery with a bit of a spin and a touch of horror.

This is an amazing short story that will open your eyes to mental illness and make you wonder if some of the doctors who work with these people really know what they are getting into. 

This is a fictional story but gives you the feeling that this is something that could happen. This story is incredibly well written and I promise after you read it you will be looking for more by this outstanding author, Jamie Johnesee.

This collection of short stories only leaves you wanting more. 

There is so much death throughout this book but it is not a gruesome and disturbing book.

It is very well written and even gives you incite into the mind of some of the killers in this wonderful suspenseful book. 

I can assure you that each story in this collection is so different from the one before that your mind gets a never ending thrill ride that Jamie Johnesee is able to paint for you and take your imagination as close to the horror as you can get.