Friday, 10 January 2014

Troll Bridge - Three Unlikely Stories by April Grey

Troll Bridge: Nina is on a cruise with her match maker Aunt, she goes for a walk to try and escape for a brief moment. Here she meets Torvald the Troll with troubles in his heart,  not to mention a sharp tongue! but Nina is kind and helps the Troll but what does she get in return? short and sweet, beautifully written and fun.

The Handler: Gina is looking after? observing? Phil, a twitching drug guinea pig that is supposed to turn him into something, but what? but who is looking out/after who? this is a rather sexually charged story with a rampant ending! not my thing really but still a good read. 

Respite: Helena finds Peter but her disabled child is an issue regards to care, she needs the respite but it never comes. As things draw to a head with her son I really felt like there would be some magical or sci fi twist but it was kind of a let down. Usually I enjoy this authors stories but this one fell flat for me, but that wont stop me reading her other works as I feel she has a real talent!

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