Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guys anthology by May December Publishing

A unique anthology theme with none of your normal monsters... these are all of the human variety.

From hit men to torturers, some get away with it and some.... well... enjoy the book, I certainly did. Although think I made need some counselling as I rather empathised with some of the "bad guys"!

Chinked by Aaron Garrison: I found this a little odd in its style of writing but once I got into the swing of it I really enjoyed the flow of intelligent writing; whats not to love about an author that comments about a "priapic chair". Loved the right bad guy getting the punishment!

30 Minutes or Less by Matthew W. Williamson: not sure if you are supposed to laugh at cucumbers being used as part of a weapon of death and torture but it made me giggle. Loved the avenger aspect to this and the casual acts of "guidance"; although they did make me gag a little. The end was very fulfilling.

Silence in the Court by Chantal Boudreau: OMG this was one sad story that made my heart thump from anger - not a bad guy you want to win as you hope for the twist at the end!

Abraham of Harlon by Harley Pitts: you sort of feel this one coming but I didn't expect the slap and crash at the end!

The Caged Doll by Adam Millard: brilliant in its simplicity of story telling, so brutal, callous and a sad comment on today's society.

Candy Apple Red by Rebecca Snow: who needs monsters when the real thing walks amongst us, loved this gruesome tale of the making of a carnival fun house.

Detour by Bennie L. Newsome: this was one of my favourites, loved the snappy differing PoV. Always amazed at just what blows some peoples gaskets. Not sure who the bad guys were in this but wow.

A Twisted Garden by Joe DiBuduo & Kate Robinson: couldnt really get into this one, dont really enjoy the era and felt the obvious name drop was not required, think the authors could have alluded to it in another way. Found this one a little so so in the "horror factor".

All Things Being Equal by Ian Brazee-Cannon: could not get past the first few paragraphs due to all the animal torture... really NOT my thing.

Red Badge by John Lemut: calculated and scary, fast pacing and suspense building; really enjoyed the ending...but not sure if hit men are really bad guys? (IMO!)

Feeding The Hunger by Suzanne Robb:  love it when a story grips you from the first sentence and produces an ending you don't see coming. Really enjoyed the two sides of the table and the description of the tortures really set my stomach churning, the author really knows how to make people squirm. I was so hoping for Lara to turn the tables, but the ending was awesome!

Dear Susan by Holly Day: strange yet gripping story of a "fans" love gone wrong! Some intense emotion is displayed.

Rat Man by Nicholas Conley: didnt find this story read quite right, the flow felt wrong, could see what the author wanted to achieve but didnt pull it off IMO.... I wanted to find out why and who etc, but never did... and feel the bad guys were not the Rat Man.

Eighteen by Joseph Schwartzy: what a way to end an anthology, was he really a bad guy? not til the last kill, and he paid for that.