Friday, 14 February 2014

Bob the Valentine and some silly questions with Jaime Johnesse

Jaime Johnesee worked as a zookeeper for fourteen years before deciding to focus on her passion of writing. Her decision has proven to be a good one, as her books have been received with critical acclaim. Although her initial foray into the literary world has been marked by success, JJ has just begun and is a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

What is your favourite sandwich? Drink? Chocolate/candy bar? (you can just pick one if you like!)
My favorite sandwich has to be creamy peanut butter and grape jelly (or honey) on wheat bread. My favorite drink is Pepsi Throwback or Faygo Rock N Rye (No, I'm not a Juggalo but I do live in the Detroit area where Faygo is made.) My favorite candy bar is hands down the creamy, delicious melty yum that is the Wispa Bar.

Do you have a favourite place to write?

Yes, on the beach of a Fijian island. At least that will be my favorite spot one day.

Who or What is your personal favourite character/novel?

My favorite character is Bob the Zombie. I know it's probably gauche to pick my own character but I don't care, it's the truth. Writing and reading him make me happy and remind me to always look for the silver lining.

If you had a theme track, what would it be?

I'd like to say it'd be something uplifting and inspiring but for any that know me it'd probably be Yakkity Sax aka Benny Hill's theme song.

If you were to write your “memoirs” who would play you and key members of your life in the televised series?

Good question. Probably would have to be Chevy Chase. Even though I'm a woman my luck tends to be like that of Clark Griswold and I think he's really the only one that could capture the true me. Although, it might be possible that Amy Poehler could do it.

And back to silly, if you could have any supernatural power what would it be?

Back to silly? Shoot, I didn't realize I was supposed to be all serious. As for a superpower, I'd like to hear what the animals have to say.

So, with all that silliness out of the way, make room for the review of Bob the Zombie/Valentine!

So the wonderfully cheerie Bob (the Zombie) is off on a date with the potential love of his un-dead life. Careful tactics and few body part staplings have brought him to the moments before she walks in looking as stunning as any zombie girl can – JJ does a fabulous job of making the death pallor sound intoxicating.

At the “posh” restaurant our love birds choose their dishes, suitably with a brain tasting theme. However, no date-night is complete without a bit of drama, as Hunters burst in the door and Bob manages to give his usual accurate view on human nature and some kind advice for us all.

There is a plot twist with a smiling ending that had my own heart in my mouth, thankfully I don’t need to Kachunk it back into place!

If you want a good giggle and snort for Valentine's Day, this lovely little short story is for you!

Fall in love with Bob.