Saturday, 22 February 2014

DEAD: Dark Before Dawn by T.W. Brown

What is it with zombie writers and cats??

Again, we are introduced to each group and each of their stories moves along in their own unique way, with so many threads now  I am finding that my mind is boggling trying to work out who to route for and who to worry about. So many different personalities to deal with TB really makes his own hard work, but rises to the challenge exceptionally well as each person is so well defined. 

Loved the occasional nod to books and movies, it was fun to try and work them out, but that’s the only fun bit about this book, the usual humour is missing as this is truly the chapter that is Darkness Before Dawn.

Its nice to see Billy growing but It’s also interesting to see/witness Billy struggle with the need for “boss man” in others.   I would like to see Dr Zahn get a love interest, for herself and someone to love her back. But with what they are up to lately Im not so sure I like her all that much at the moment, means do not always justify the ends.

Juan, is so not my favourite character, I find him to jivey/rough, but I am warming to him now that he is chilling out and being less “street”, and he does have a really hard time in this chapter of the series, my heart was in my mouth, but mostly for poor gentle Mackenzie than him, but you have to say he is one tough hombre.

Have to love how the British group have fortified their little farm house. I liked them before I knew them! I am always impressed with how an American can grasp the British element so well.

Chad and Ronnies plight and “journey” started to get on my pip after a while. But then I remembered that there has to be time to breathe and feel the  emotions, otherwise what are they fighting to stay alive for.

The groups are really starting to get inventive now with some of their defenses and I did have to grin at Kevin (The Geek) mentally making his survival list again.

The poor Geeks and Kids seem to have met every bad guy in USA, I love Rose (rosie) what a tough little cookie, but with a heart of gold really. Now why do I like her but not Juan… hmmm.  Also Deanna and her back story. I just want to hug these kids.

Its nice that some of the stories slowed down a bit to give some back histories, hard to care about a character when all you see is the here and now and not how they got there.

A few more sad deaths to contend with, but then this is the apocalypse!

There are lots of twists and turns, revelations and some backward stepping, I found this a very sad and heavy hearted chapter in the Dead series.   

Maybe because there is a lack of Steve & Melissa but I really miss Thalia.

As always this is well written, hard to put down and perfectly edited. The wait is on again for the next chapter, what well happen when I finally reach no.12 and find there are no more….. thank fully TW Brown has many other stories up his very large sleeves!

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