Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Dispossessed - Metatron Mysteries by James Glass

The first paragraph neatly refreshes your memory from book 1.

I love that the Limbo diner is back; JG is brilliant in his ability to set up a mentally visual scene, you can almost smell the breakfast grease and the vision of Demons gossiping was just too delicious.

So, with just one phrase poor old John Smith, human voice of God, The Metatron and also a detective takes on another supernatural case of missing persons, a Demon named Dandelion, sort of!

I would really love to see this made into a movie, I can already picture Alan Rickman as The Metatron (ala Dogma) as it has the same comedic feel to it.

With more twists and turns than Hampton Court maze this little story will lead you on a wild goose chase, hint and glimpse at things and then snap you right back into focus at the end with the big reveal!

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