Monday, 24 October 2016

Film Gutter Vol. 1 by Alex Davis

I really enjoyed the introduction of this book and how the premise for the reviews originally came about. 

Basically, this is an A-Z collection of all the film reviews done by AD over 2015 for The Ginger Nuts of Horror  blog.

I loved all the reviews being put into one place but would have liked them changed in some way for the book, you can just visit the site for the same information, that said it IS a pretty book and nice to have sat on your shelf.

I found the introductory paragraph to each review very tedious after a while, to keep rereading “so here we are again at Gutter Review” was mind numbing.

Equally I would have liked some form of retrospective update of the reviews having been collected this way. That said I did like the top ten round up at the end of the book and would have been interested seing a 2016 potential watching list.

Not sure If I should count myself lucky that I have not seen many of the films (I think maybe 2!) in this review book but now feel I can really pick out the ones I am brave enough to watch and those that really I won’t waste my life on.

I love this blog anyway but seemed to have missed this Gutter Review, probably due to the film titles…. But I have enjoyed this collective review.

Bring on 2016 and Vol.2

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