Saturday, 8 October 2016

Aftermath: Demon Squad by Time Marquitz

Poor Frank (aka Trigg, son of the “off on his jollies” Devil) has descended into abject grief at the loss of his Karra and inability to care for Abigail, their daughter.

Breaking his already shattered heart he leaves Abigail to his Angel cousin Scarlett and her Vampire lover Katon, not forgetting Chatterbox my favourite zombie head as lead baby entertainer.

Sat in a bar in the middle sucksville he is trying to get drunk or high, neither possible for a demon, but when he thinks he witnesses the end of the world ala atomic bomb his attitude is thrust into his begrudging yet caring, protecting demeanour.

No obvious horror moments just a steady slew of gory descriptions as this chapter of the series rushes along never leaving me a moment to put this book down until the finale, which is another rush of excitement as TM brings all the clues and elements together at the end for a thrilling and fulfilling ending, but of course always left open for the next instalment.

I loved the little reminder phrases that TM puts in so they don’t overload the avid reader but do refresh those that need it! (ahem!)

Whilst there has always been an element of religion wrapped in these books TM really poses some serious questions in this one, ones I really liked.

As always Trigg’s story is never truly over but another disaster has been averted; for now.
I really missed Chatterbox in this book but enjoyed the expansion of so many other characters.

On a down point there were tiny errors in the editing which upset my flow of reading so were irritating but not devastating, the odd missing letter/s which changed the word or phrasing.

Bonus feature at the end of Clandestine Daze first chapter!