Monday, 17 October 2016

High Moor 3: Blood Moon by Graeme Reynolds

Firstly, just look at that amazing artwork.....

Lovely dedication and great comments from the author with regards to how the trilogy made it this far and the very beginnings of why GR decided to write it.

Having listened to Chris Barnes doing the audio of books 1 & 2 I now “hear” all these wonderful characters in such brilliant 3D accents but then CB is an amazing narrator, plus he has good material to work with.

GR is OCD in his attention to detail. It really shows in every sentence of the book how thorough he is in his research. I’m sure he must have a shed full of werewolves that he has actually watched transform as everything else is so perfect.

The blood, gore and succulent organs are in full force in the book.  Some very violent and sad deaths, I truly grieved for one in particular. There are weapons, fight scenes and transformations galore; nobody can judge there to be any shying away of the grotesque – so beware!

The underlying storylines, are of course, always fantastic but would love to know more about the in between stories; how did Michael become pack alpha, why was Connie so twisted and how did Marie become so awesome. Don’t get me wondering on the weird American!

The horror yet majesty of GR werewolves is brilliant he makes clear distinctions between “turned” and moon borne, rabid and calculating field operatives.

GR is a brilliant manipulator of your worst fears from being followed in the dark to children left in a crèche, what could possibly go wrong.

As for The Daily Fail headlines had me in stitches even if the subject matter was sad.  GR also manages to cram in some really humorous moments which just really set you up for a massive “jump” like the old Twilight Zone series.

Not sure which death is worse but think Kat Yares would have been so proud of hers.

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