Saturday, 19 November 2016

Slasher: the Escape of Richard Heinz by Iain Rob Wright

Richard Heinz is a brutal killer, rapist and psychopath.  Convicted to a life in a mental institution he has managed to escape.

He must be brought to justice but it ends up as a cat and mouse chase through the dark, cursed woods of Redlake at night, in the rain – the atmosphere is so thick it is easy to visualise.

Blake Price, the famous author who once attracted this lunatic to his house, is called upon to help. The trauma that he faces is brutal.

Not as brutal as the rape and murder of Heinz latest victim and that’s not taking into account the law enforcers trying to track and capture him.

A very swift read that fully packs a punch, love the way IRW manages to draw in so many characters from other books and link events and moment.

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