Friday, 15 November 2013

Purple Wish: A Valentine Fairy Tale by Lorraine Versini

Let me start by saying that this is not my usual choice of book. However the cover artist is Jeffrey Kosh and I am always thrilled to look at his artwork and am often intrigued by the book inside.  As this was a short read and looked "cute and sweet" I was in the mood for reading this or a bar of chocolate - reading, chocolate? reading, chocolate? its a hard fought battle!

So, this little fairy tale won out. 

This is written with full palate of colour, typical of a fairytale there is a lot of love and the characters are clear cut and fall into either good or evil, whilst there was no out right evil, merely a mischievous fairy.

Clearly based at the YA market it had some challenging words, but my only niggle was the "slap" and the hint of sex, whilst ok for pre teen/teen readers it put its self out of reach for "the story at bedtime", but only in my opinion.  

The writing was plain and easy to follow, with some good editing as no obvious errors.

I would love to see this author expand the story a little or follow on with the saga maybe tell us more about the fairy, she has left it wide open for other worlds and characters, and I think she needs to increase and complicate the plot lines to entice YA or bring it down a notch for the bedtime story market - do both!