Monday, 19 May 2014

Zombie Tea Party by Armand Rosamilia

Zelebrity Money: Ron and his Aunty have an unusual yard guest, he used to be an actor don’t ya know! 
The fact that he is a zombie is not that unusual in this trailer park. But Ron needs to eat, he needs a pay check.  Cleverly done with a great sense of tongue in cheek.

Zombies, Dogs and Old Bones: I nearly coughed up a lung laughing about the zombie from the Thriller video A sad little love story about Sue & John and how Gidget their dog reunites them.

First Settlement: short and sharp. AR gives a whole new version of how the west was won.

Manhatten….: Buddy & Kevin are trying to survive, there is a nasty undertone to this story, yet it has some random and clever movie and music references.

Southern BBQ: Jessie is having a family cook out, he is in such a rush that he fails to notice the zompoc around him. Funny in sad way.

Trail of the Undead: wow this one was so fast, furious and nasty.

Swim Out Past the Breakers:  so not worth taking a day off work to surf during the start of the zompoc! Not sure how AR manages to make gross so funny.

Blind in Texas: OMG! What could be worse than the zompoc?  How about being injured and blinded at the start… horrific little tale that gave me the shudders.

Caution, Smoke Ahead: Cheyenne finally gets a second chance with her 15yr estranged daughter. But it’s not the zompoc that has ruined it but her own drug addled past. AR has perfectly captured the incredulity that you get when someone you expect to fail without you does exceptionally well. I wasn’t sure if to laugh or cry.

This is the End:  Harry is cut off and forced to eat only asparagus. What could be worse?  Seeing y our brother who owes you money after 5yrs. Another slap around the face from AR.

Sanctuary:  Keith has a plan but he didn’t count on the thong!  Good little insight into a cramped space and lot of lust. So wanted this one to carry on.

Interesting bit about why AR writes about zombies and how his hero is… so much so I have now bought The Rising by Brian Keene, if he gets excited about a book, it must be good.

Nice chunk of Dying Days at the end.