Saturday, 10 May 2014

WHC 2014 - Third day in Portland Oregon

Today was all about panels, snagging signed books and generally schmoozing!

I have been lucky enough to meet several new (to me) authors and as you can see by the HUGE pile of books I got signed today I have a lot more to read, and review, in the coming weeks! That is if I can prise them from Hubby's hands of course as he has suddenly become very zombie orientated!

John O'Brien writes the A New World series and Shawn Chesser has the equally impressive Surviving the Apocalypse set.

It was also super cool to meet Jeff Strand who has written a huge amount of books and he was kind enough to sign his very awesome Wolf Hunt for me. This was one of the first books I ever left a review for on Amazon and its woefully inadequate in its praise - so I hope to reread and give a new improved review within the next few weeks. 

Tomorrow I have been promised the whole DEAD and That Ghoul Ava series by TW Brown!!  I will definitely need excess luggage on my flights home.

I also did a few "panels" and talks today too, another feature of the WHC. Listening to some of the couples that both write and how their creativity really affects their relationships was interesting and funny. 

Another amazing moment was the talk given by Victoria Price in which she honours her father, the wonderful Vincent Price, with her beautiful chat and montage to him, it was a real pleasure and highlight of the day.

However I think the pinnacle of the day was voodoo doughnuts. The menu is extensive and the taste is wholly amazing!  but seeing grown ups get SO excited and start actually sprinting for the van that was outside was hysterical!

More pictures of the doughnuts when I do a proper shop run on Sunday prior to being taken to the "beach"!!

Another brilliant day over here, more panels, chats and adventures await me tomorrow.